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When the weather in Moline is good, we all want to spend as much time as possible enjoying it. If you’re thinking about selling your home, installing an outdoor living area on your property is a great way to boost your property value and attract more prospects. Here are our top five picks for high return-on-investment outdoor living areas.



If you’re going to invest in just one outdoor living area, building a patio is a great place to start. While a poorly built patio can be an eyesore, one that has been crafted well with quality materials can potentially add 8-12% to the value of your home. Patios are popular backyard outdoor living areas, as the rear of the house tends to be more private, but you can also add a patio space to the front yard. Front-facing patios add warm curb appeal and make your home seem more welcoming.


Pergolas & Gazebos

Covered spaces are among the most in-demand outdoor living areas. Pergolas and gazebos are essentially an outdoor living room, with sun-shielding roofs and comfortable furniture. Unlike a patio, a gazebo offers the best of the indoors and outdoors with bug-proof screening and more protection from the weather. If you have a backyard with very little shade, a well-designed pergola can make the area more comfortable to spend time in. This is a very attractive proposition for future buyers.


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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are a trendy outdoor living area these days, but for an outdoor kitchen to add value in Moline, you have to be very thoughtful with every choice. The materials and appliances you use must be able to withstand our deep-freeze Illinois winters, and a well-built canopy is a must for keeping snow and debris out. Then, from mid-spring until mid-fall, you can enjoy the ultimate outdoor dining experience. If you pull it off correctly, building an outdoor kitchen can end up getting you a decent return on your investment.


Pool & Hot Tub Decks

To a buyer, a house with a pool or hot tub means signing up for the responsibility of caring for that amenity. However, adding a stunning deck can really sell these spaces. Features like changing booths, outdoor showers, built-in bars, and proper lighting can really elevate an aging pool or hot tub area. As they step through the back doors, potential buyers are suddenly transported to a resort-like setting.


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Fire Features

Seen by buyers as a low-maintenance, high-reward feature, a fire feature is a relatively simple project with a high return on investment. A well-built fire pit with high-quality hardscaping last for years and is very attractive to a wide pool of buyers.

Buyers in Moline know that a home with great outdoor living space makes it easy to soak up every precious second of nice weather. When you invest in the outdoor spaces you want, you’re also investing in better returns when it’s time to sell. If you’re ready to create an outdoor haven on your property, contact us today.


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