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Our landscape goes through changes throughout the year, but every season offers unique gifts. In winter, the darkness gives us the chance to bring out our holiday lights. Even on a cloudy day, our homes can shine like a starry night. But if you need ideas to spark some new bulbs this year, here’s the place to be illuminated:

A winter landscape has just as much to work with as in the summer. Lights are just one way to bring out the beauty of what is already there.    




Holiday Laser Light Projectors 

This may sound intimidating, but it’s actually a new style of lighting that is gaining popularity. Remember the old colored spotlights that people used to have? They could make your whole house blush red or green at night. Laser light projectors are similar. They are weather-proof spotlights that you stick in the lawn and shine on your home, except they go beyond a solid beam. Instead, they project hundreds of tiny lights, often with different colors. And instead of standing still, they can move around and change colors, if you choose. They remind me of driving with headlights on at night while it’s snowing. The lights float, swirl and dance, turning your house into a mesmerizing display.    




A Background of Blue

There’s something eye-catching about blue lights. It’s not a color that we’re used to seeing in the plant and gardening world. When it does appear, say, in a rare blue flower, it gives a beautiful contrast to the more common yellow, pink, and white blossoms. In a holiday display, it’s not only an intriguing departure from red and green; blue light also lends depth and mystery to your landscape.




The Retro Look

With many changes in lights in the last few decades, sometimes it’s refreshing to return to a simpler look. In a retro approach, you might hang strings of multicolored lights along the eaves, or deck your spruce tree in a classic circular style. You could even hang some lantern lights around your
four-season firepit if you think you’ll brave outdoor socializing this winter (and why shouldn’t you?). But just because you’re going old school doesn’t mean you have to rack up the energy bill. Plenty of LEDs offer a retro look with a fraction of the energy cost.        




Whitelight Wonderland 

Some people skip the colors and only use white lights. Displays like this often feel elegantly polished and wonderfully fairy-like at the same time. The size of the light bulbs has an impact here. Lines or nets of tiny white lights give an airy, ethereal feel, while large bulbs on straight edges create a classic style.
Don’t feel obliged to reserve the lights for your house only. When pathways, driveways, and fences are lit up, the whole landscape comes to life.       




The Gingerbread Home 

Sometimes it helps to step back and view your home like it’s a gingerbread house. Anywhere you think icing would look good is a great location for a string of white lights. A row of jube-jubes can be imitated with multicolored bulbs. Perhaps you want some red candy canes on each side of the front door? Take out the red LEDs. On a gingerbread house, the icing often imitates snow as it settles gracefully on fence posts, mailboxes, and the edge of roofs. Your holiday lights can have the same effect and illuminate the snow at night time.


Illuminate the Garden 

If you were planting a garden, you wouldn’t limit yourself to a straight row of flowers along the edge of your house. Your holiday lights don’t need to be that way. Open the whole landscape up to illumination. Net lights are a beautiful way to bring your shrubs to life. The gnarly branches and bark of leafless trees are just waiting to be decorated.
A winter landscape has just as much to work with as in the summer. Lights are just one way to bring out the beauty of what is already there.    

When we start to think like a gardener, suddenly we see the potential to illuminate our whole landscape. Lights just give us one more occasion to enhance the beauty of our property and flex our creativity. If your eyes have been opened to any new ideas, please drop by our garden center in Moline to see our lights for the holidays and for year-round displays! 


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