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Outdoor home improvements can make your backyard so much more attractive and inviting, and they add significant value to your home. From major renovations to simple add-on features, there are so many ways your backyard can evolve into a more beautiful, useful living space.  

Patio enhancements with seating areas and space to prepare and enjoy meals will turn your backyard into a livable space that’s perfect for entertaining. 

Add These Backyard Features For a Guaranteed Boost in Your Home Value


To get the most out of your outdoor living space, plus a nice little surge in your home’s resale price, here are our suggestions on the best backyard improvements to make this year. 


Trees and Shrubs


Adding landscape plants like trees and shrubs to your backyard offers major benefits! Strategic planting can help create structure and a more beautiful design overall, but it can also provide some other unexpected bonuses. Privacy hedges are great for making your backyard a little more intimate, creating an ambiance for outdoor entertaining. Large trees that cast shade are an excellent way to add value and save money because they can help cool your home, resulting in less need for A/C during the warmer months. Edible landscape plants like fruit trees and berry shrubs are especially valuable—they provide a free source of fresh, organic food!


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Retaining Walls


It’s amazing how retaining walls can completely revolutionize your backyard design. If your yard is sloped, retaining walls can establish different levels that are both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. They help to prevent soil erosion, providing stability and structure to keep your backyard looking its best, especially after heavy rain. To ensure your retaining walls are sturdy and will stand the test of time, don’t go the DIY route. It’s a much better bet to invest in the help of a landscaping company. That way, you’ll be sure to get it right the first time, instead of potentially having to fix some expensive mistakes down the road. 




Adding a
patio feature to your house can increase home value significantly, and they typically aren’t as expensive to construct as a full deck. While a deck can add value to your home, wood prices have increased dramatically since 2020. Adding patio pavers instead of building a deck will result in an excellent return on investment. Patio enhancements with seating areas and space to prepare and enjoy meals will turn your backyard into a livable space that’s perfect for entertaining. 


Irrigation Systems

It seems many homeowners are a bit intimidated by the idea of installing an irrigation system for watering their plants, but we truly can’t recommend them enough! Not only do they save you time and effort in the garden, but they also prevent overwatering. Automated systems that hook up to moisture sensors will ensure that your garden only gets watered when it needs it, so you end up wasting much less water. Plus, you can leave on vacation without having to worry about your plants getting thirsty while you’re gone.


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Well-Maintained Lawns

Maintaining the lawn in your backyard is a continuous process, but the payoff is pretty significant! Luckily, there are many ways to ensure your lawn is always looking its best, without sacrificing too much of your spare time mowing and weeding. Preventative measures are an integral part of maintaining a healthy lawn, so it’s important to have a plan of action for each passing season. Regular dethatching and aeration will improve soil drainage, and products like pre-emergent herbicides, fertilizers, compost, and irrigation systems strengthen your lawn’s defense against pests, weeds, and fungal problems. 


meyer landscape backyard features to add value walkways


Pretty Pathways

A well-designed pathway with high-quality stone
pavers is an appealing feature that makes your backyard much easier to navigate. Better accessibility means better value! Paths also help to section off areas, creating the illusion of separate “rooms” for different activities or uses. Curved pathways are especially attractive, providing that perfect double dose of style and function. Line your pathways with border plants and flowers for maximum visual impact. 


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Outdoor Lighting

A pitch-black yard isn’t ideal for entertaining, so some pretty lighting features can really go a long way! Plus, is there anything dreamier than enjoying a warm summer night on the patio, illuminated by twinkling lights? There are so many different outdoor lighting options you can add to your backyard for an increase in value. String lights, lanterns, and solar stake lights all provide a lovely warm glow that provides beauty, and significantly decreases the risk of stumbling around in the dark. LED lights are especially great for long-term use, with less energy expenditure. 

Time out in nature is integral for your health and wellness, and having a beautiful and inviting yard makes it that much more appealing! Eager to add some exciting new outdoor features to your property this year? Visit Meyer Landscape & Design to explore all your options for your backyard makeover. 


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