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If you’re not able to venture beyond your neighborhood this spring, you still have the opportunity to create a backyard getaway! You don’t have to completely redesign your landscape, but there are several easy ways to make it more inviting, comfortable, and welcoming to any close family members who are able to visit.  




Make it Comfortable   

In uncertain times, it is comforting to have a retreat where you can read, share a meal, or chat with loved ones outdoors. It is helpful to think of your patio as you would of an interior room—a lot can be improved with comfy, attractive furniture. Adding new seats and tables can completely change the function of the space. A few potted plants or hanging baskets can enhance the atmosphere as much as a fresh coat of paint. If your patio is on the small side or not quite working for you, consider an addition or rebuild.




Enhance Your Privacy 

The front yard is the place where we can make small talk with the neighbors, but the backyard should ideally offer some seclusion. Planting shrubs, trees, and hedges around the perimeter provide privacy while adding beautiful berries, flowers, and foliage. Put up a trellis for a vine or plant one to climb up a pergola for coverage. If you don’t have a pergola, consider installing one to bring in some more shade or anchor some additional lighting.    


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Backyard Lights

Set up your getaway for the evening as well as the day. Hanging lanterns, string lights, strategically-placed candles, and our LED lighting systems can add intimacy and security to your retreat and allow you to stay up comfortably into the night. Our LED lighting systems are low-voltage and require very little energy. A lighting system can add a whole new dimension to your backyard oasis, tastefully highlighting the best features of your home and landscaping. 

The soft and welcoming glow of accent or path lighting makes your home and backyard oasis look inviting and beautiful. Great lighting design draws the eye through the landscape, showing off your yard’s best features in a flattering light. Being able to enjoy your yard after dark, from indoors or out, and appreciate its features from a new perspective, brings it to a whole new level of comforting oasis. 




Gather Around the Fire

If your family is healthy and safe, then you might as well have some fun! Installing a firepit is a simple adjustment that allows you to bring the campsite into your retreat. Grandchildren can roast marshmallows as you bond over some storytelling.   

Edible Oasis

You may not have access to an open bar, but you can still grow a few snacks to keep within hands reach. Why not try growing some tomatoes, building a raised vegetable bed, or starting a herb planter? Berry bushes bear treats you can eat straight off the branches, and may even attract some tropical birds migrating through. With ample time at home, we may as well practice our gardening skills and save a bit on the grocery bill while we’re at it.  




The Outdoor Kitchen 

If you enjoy barbequing, Meyer Landscape and Design can build a custom outdoor kitchen with a grill, counter space, storage, and a sink. These will fit nicely with your new furniture, patio, or firepit additions. Be careful, as your aromas may attract the curiosity of neighbors!




Design of Your Choice 

If you are interested in creating a theme for your yard, there are plenty to choose from. Perhaps you like the feel of a Colorado-style design, or maybe you want to bring a bit of New England to your yard. Even planting some exotic annual flowers can temporarily transport you to a different land. Of course, designing your retreat around the native plants found around the Quad Cities is another wonderful possibility!  

We can still discuss your dreams for your yard and maintain proper protocols for COVID-19. We can meet at your home and ensure we maintain appropriate distance, or we can discuss over the phone, or with video chat. We can also use video chat to view and discuss design options, from materials to plant choices. With the advantages of technology, and our design experts and talented crew, we will help you create a dream vacation retreat in your backyard. 


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Travelling may not be in the cards this year, but can instead create a getaway right at home. Whether you’re looking for simple changes or something more significant, our garden center and landscape design services are committed to remaining open and continuing to serve you during this difficult time. Please feel free to give us a call (309) 762-6226.


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