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Founded in 1972, BioFlora is a brand of agricultural and garden products, specializing in organic and sustainable solutions. With over 40 years of expertise, they are experts in the agricultural industry, which is why we at Meyer have such faith in recommending BioFlora products to our valued customers.


Building Healthy Garden Soil

Soil is truly the backbone of your garden. It holds everything together, nourishing the roots of your grass and plants and supporting the life of your garden. Most people aren’t naturally blessed with perfectly balanced, good-quality soil in their gardens. Soil amendments can help us build and maintain good garden soil to support the healthy, flourishing gardens we long for.

While loamy soil is considered ideal for most plants, the definition of good soil really depends on what you’re trying to grow. Each soil type, from sand to silt to clay, serves a purpose. It’s important to consider the individual needs of your garden before changing the composition or content of your soil. When you do figure out what kind of challenges your landscape faces, you can count on amendments to correct those issues. Some common problems include inadequate drainage, nutrient deficiencies or pH imbalances.

Adding organic matter and fertilizers, like compost, is almost always a good idea for promoting a healthy garden. Not only does it improve drainage in heavier soils, but it feeds the ground with plenty of nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. Clay, vermiculite, and shredded bark work in the opposite manner, providing weight and bulk to soils with poor water retention, like sand and chalk. Other products, like lime and sphagnum peat help to raise or lower the pH of your garden soil, respectively.


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Benefits of Organic Practices

There are plenty of options when it comes to fertilization products for your garden, but they fall under one of two categories: organic vs. synthetic. Organic products are derived from natural, biological matter that was a living organism at one point or another. Synthetic fertilizers are manufactured using man-made, inorganic products and chemicals. While both types of fertilizers get the job done, organic practices are much better for your garden in the long run.

Synthetic fertilizers add a quick shot of energy and nutrients for your plants, helping them grow fast and furious now. Organic fertilizers may not provide you with those immediate results, but their mechanism is to nourish the soil, not just the plants. These products enrich the ground with beneficial microorganisms that help to create and maintain fertile soils. Aside from fertilizers, there are many other organic products that work to correct soil issues naturally and chemical-free, so you can have a happy, healthy, and sustainable garden.


Lawn and Garden Products

As former growers, BioFlora’s roots are deep in the agriculture industry. Their expertise has translated into a line of successful agricultural, lawn, and garden products with all-natural ingredients. From basic lawn care to large crop productions, we’ve seen how BioFlora provides sustainable solutions to gardeners across the spectrum. Along with their long list of nutrient-specific products, these are some of our favorite BioFlora products to keep your garden going strong:

BioFlora Soil Source: This product contains biologically enhanced humic acid and is mixed with water before it’s applied to the base of your plants. The carbon base of this product helps to mobilize nutrients and transport them to the root zone. It works to replenish poor soils, ensuring your garden thrives — regardless of what you’re growing. Soil Source restores and softens soil by increasing the population and diversity of beneficial microorganisms present. This improves overall soil structure, helping it to retain more moisture and nutrients for your plant life.


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BioFlora Dry Crumbles: Dry crumbles are dry, coarse granules that work as a slow-release fertilizer for your lawn and plants. It’s mixed right in with your garden or potting soil to feed your garden with a variety of natural, high-quality nutrients. With the emphasis on slow-release, this product feeds your garden over a longer period of time so it’s never over- or under-fed. Dry Crumbles come in a variety of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium balances, so you can find something that’s tailored to your own garden’s needs.

BioFlora Compost: If composting yourself just isn’t up your alley, then try out the BioFlora Compost product. This rich, dark compost is fortified with humic acid, which improves the absorption and retention of water and nutrients at the root zone. This high-quality compost nourishes your garden without the help of smelly sewage waste.


With the help of BioFlora’s organic, sustainable fertilizers and soil amendments, you can keep your landscape vibrant healthy, and always ready for entertaining. Drop into Meyer today to pick up some of these amazing, all-natural products for all of your garden needs!


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