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Craving color? So are we! Now’s the ideal time to visit our landscape and design center to view all that’s blooming. Early spring perennials are predictably easy with tulips, daffodils, and the like, but late spring and early summer blooming plants offer so many more possibilities!  We have compiled a list of all that’s bloom-worthy for your garden this late spring and early summer. Get reading, and then come see us to get planting!


meyer landscape best blooms for late spring early summer magenta astilbe



This shade-loving perennial perfectly pops up its head in late spring, blooming just as your early spring bloomers are beginning to fade. With 18 species in the Astilbe family, you are certain to find one you love. In our region, Astilbe is easily maintained by even the most passive gardeners thanks to its neat clumping habit. Plus, they are easy to transplant, so take those propagations and plant them elsewhere! Our favorite cultivars include ‘Fanal,’ ‘Sprite,’ ‘Visions,’ ‘Visions in Pink,’ ‘Visions in Red,’ ‘Visions in White,’ and ‘Purple Candles.’



Most of these climbing perennials prefer full sun conditions, and they do require a trellis to climb. Late spring is an ideal time to plant this easy-to-grow perennial, and many varieties will keep blooming until early fall. The creators of clematis cultivars were smart by also giving us the very popular, and sometimes hard to find, ‘Sweet Autumn’ Clematis. Just as its name suggests, it blooms in early August through to late September. With these multiple varieties, Clematis will have your garden blooming all season long.


meyer landscape best blooms for late spring early summer heuchera coral bells


Coral Bells

Is it really a completed garden without Coral Bells? We say no. The versatility of this hardy, late spring blooming perennial makes it a must-have! They offer a broad spectrum of foliage colors in shades of green, red, coral, and deep oranges. The best part? They are predominantly evergreen, offering colorful foliage year-round. Traditionally, Coral Bells prefer partial shade conditions, but they are hardy enough to withstand full sun as long as they are properly cared for. Let’s not forget the delicate perennial clusters of their namesake flower, with bell-shaped flowers in predominantly pink and white that appear along a tall flower stalk in late spring. We especially love the ‘Caramel,’ ‘Black Pearl,’ ‘Wildberry,’ ‘Georgia Peach,’ and ‘Plum Pudding’ Coral Bells cultivars.



Ah, the irresistible Iris. With too many showy colors and cultivars to count, the Iris naturally  comes by its Greek name, meaning “rainbow.” In early spring, the Iris will begin to sprout its long green stalks, and as late spring approaches, these perennials put on a blooming show with their fantastic flowers. Even better, some varieties are re-bloomers; blooming in spring and again in fall. A few Irises we think you’ll fall in love with include ‘Immortality,’ ‘Caesar’s Brother,’ and ‘Sugar & Cream.’


meyer landscape best blooms for late spring early summer magenta beardtongue penstemon



Also known as the Beardtongue, the Penstemon is a sun-loving, late spring blooming perennial. Penstemons can be a bit picky when it comes to water. We suggest mulching and thorough watering to get it off to a great start. Don’t let this stop you, though! Penstemon blooms, in their array of many colors (purple, red, pink, white), are worth the added work. ‘Black Beard’ Penstemon is a particular favorite of ours.



From the sage family, Salvia has a softly sweet scent that appeals to many. An excellent hardy perennial, salvias profuse purple blooms attract a large variety of pollinators. Heat-tolerant, drought-resistant, and gorgeous—what more can you ask for in a late spring blooming perennial? A few cultivars with especially great color are ‘Bumbleberry,’ ‘Bumble Blue,’ and ‘May Night.’



The perfect perennial! Peonies are akin to the queen of the garden. Like true royalty, the Peony is everlasting, and most live longer than us!  Peony blooms, however, are not ones to overstay their welcome and know how to keep us wanting more; their individual blooms only last approximately seven days. Don’t worry; every Peony bush offers multiple flowers. Our most popular Peonies include ‘Scarlett O’Hara,’ ‘Sarah Bernhardt,’ and ‘Karl Rosenfeld.’


meyer landscape best blooms for late spring early summer red oriental poppies


Oriental Poppies

Like a red dress, nothing attracts attention like an Oriental Poppy. With its vibrantly bold red-orange bloom, ‘Brilliant’ Oriental Poppy is a must-have when you want to draw the eye in. Oriental Poppies love the cooler temperatures of late spring, making them ideal blooming perennials to add to your garden—pronto!

This list should certainly get you off to a great start! We have many other late spring and early summer blooming perennial ideas in-store. Come visit our nursery professionals, have a chat, and let’s get gardening!


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