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Your front yard and the front of your home significantly impact the first impression of friends, family, neighbors, and future homebuyers. Putting in a little time and effort to improve curb appeal, whether through adding new plants or modernizing hardware, is worth the time and investment. 


Here are a few things to make your front yard more beautiful and welcoming, improving the overall aesthetic of your neighborhood. 


Upgrading the hardware on your home. House numbers, light fixtures, doorknobs, and mailboxes, can all help modernize the overall curb appeal. Consistency is critical here, so aim to have the same color and finish on all of these items for a cohesive look. Not sure if you want to replace everything? You can paint things like mailboxes and light fixtures to freshen them up and tie them together with the same color. 


meyer landscape design front yard curb appeal front door bench pillows


Adding an outdoor seating area is one of the fastest ways to make your front yard more welcoming and level-up the curb appeal. A tiny cafe table with a couple of chairs and a pot of colorful annual plants is pretty and classy. If you have room for it, a porch swing with cozy throw pillows and blankets is even better.


meyer landscape design front yard curb appeal modern house with outdoor furniture and lighting


Adding outdoor lighting has more than one benefit. It lights up your home, making it look warm and attractive at night, and it’s also a method of passively improving safety for your whole neighborhood. Outdoor lighting can be extensive, with sconces on your home, spotlights on feature plants, and path lighting. Or it can be as simple as a row of solar lights along your front yard walkway.

Homes with trees have higher property values, and trees provide shade and buffer the wind, which can lower your heating and cooling costs.


meyer landscape design front yard curb appeal landscaped beds with flowers shrubs


Plants are an easy way to spruce up your front yard and improve curb appeal. You can add new beds or planters or just put some time into tidying up existing beds, berms, and borders. Pop in fresh annuals with lots of blooms in the spring, and replace them in late summer to keep things looking fresh. 

Many people are opting to reduce the amount of lawn in their front yards to lessen maintenance time. Ensure that the lawn you keep is lush, full, and weed-free, as an expanse of lush green grass makes it clear that the homeowner cares about curb appeal.


meyer landscape design front yard curb appeal modern door plants fountain


Upgrade your doors for a big statement. If you’ve got the budget, consider replacing the front door and garage doors with something more modern and sleek. Don’t want to invest in brand new doors? A layer of paint is a simple fix that freshens up the curb appeal of your home. Colorful front doors are becoming popular again, so consider a bright and cheery color that complements your siding color scheme.  

Plant some new trees or shrubs, or both! Trees and shrubs are not only beautiful, but they can reduce maintenance time by taking up former lawn space, and they can also have economic benefits. Homes with trees have higher property values, and trees provide shade and buffer the wind, which can lower your heating and cooling costs. 

Installing an irrigation system is a reasonably large project, but it’s worth it. It drastically reduces the amount of yard maintenance required, and keeps your plants and lawn looking lush and beautiful all season long. Plus, modern irrigation systems can be designed to work as efficiently as possible, using less water delivered at the optimum time and directly to the root zone. 


meyer landscape design front yard curb appeal stepped walkway hardscape


Updating or upgrading your hardscapes significantly impacts curb appeal and makes your whole house, and your plants and trees, look fresher and newer. Replace deteriorating concrete, relevel heaving paving stones, clean up gravel and weed gravel beds, and top-dress mulched areas for an instant facelift to your yard. 

Help your home put its best foot forward and improve the overall aesthetic of your entire neighborhood by implementing some of these strategies. If you’d like to take on some of the more significant ideas, or even start fresh with a whole landscape makeover, get in touch with our team of talented landscape designers. We’ll raise your curb appeal in no time. 


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