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Bring your home to life for the holidays by decorating with real trees, evergreen boughs, poinsettias, houseplants, and porch planters. Living greenery exudes a scent, vitality, and feel that plastic decor can never duplicate. Their smells evoke fond memories, their textures bring us back into the forest, and their presence alone can make us feel more alive. Here are ideas to energize your whole house with fresh greenery inside and out!  

Decorating with fresh greenery is a creative opportunity for gardeners and plant lovers.




Decorating with Fresh Evergreen Boughs

Decorating with fresh greenery is a creative opportunity for gardeners and plant lovers.
You can draw on the same artistry that you used during the growing season. Except now you’re dealing with the majestic evergreens that you likely gave little attention to in the summer: the sweet-smelling pine, cedar, juniper, spruce, arborvitae, boxwood, and fir. Your porch pillars, front steps, planters, and window boxes are still in play, as is every indoor location you can imagine.   


Evergreen Wreaths 

This symbol of the ever-renewing circle of the seasons has been a staple of winter decor since ancient times. Whether you buy one or make it yourself, they are classic ornaments for any door or table
centerpiece. The greenery weaves well with pine cones, berries, and ribbons. Miniature wreaths can be hung along walls in your home and anywhere you’d like the warmth of fresh emerald.   




Evergreen Garlands

Your porch columns are waiting to be dressed in garlands of pine and fir branches. You can weave these decorations with your favorite lights and ribbons. Want to branch out beyond traditional reds and greens? Try pairing them with navy blue, gold, apricot, or plum ribbons. Garlands also perform well inside on your mantelpiece, above a window frame, or around a bathroom mirror.   


Evergreen Bundles

Simpler than wreaths, but no less beautiful, evergreen bundles can be hung on back doors, front doors, and any place you need a touch of fresh greenery. Tie them together with bells, pine cones, and bows for an enchanting Christmas display.


Evergreen Chandelier 

Deck out your chandelier in evergreen boughs. If you don’t have one, you can suspend branches right from your ceiling. The fresh canopy of greenery is sure to create a woodsy atmosphere in any room. Note that pine and cedar will shed fewer needles than other types of trees.  


Tips to Extend the Life of Fresh Evergreens

Though evergreen boughs have been clipped from living trees, they still remain alive, just like cut flowers in a vase. If you’re using them in homemade crafts, you can extend their life before you begin by snipping off the ends and soaking them in water for 24 hours. Once they’re dry, you can spray them with Wilt-Pruf, a biodegradable coating that keeps in moisture. The spray also works on any fresh greenery you haven’t soaked, but wish to preserve for longer.   




Decorating a Holiday Porch Planter  

Winter doesn’t have to spell the end of your container garden. Although you can’t plant anything to grow in it now, you can easily decorate a
porch pot with dormant branches. Choose ones that have colorful bark like dogwoods, or have interesting berries like ilex, and stick them into the soil among a mix of fresh greenery. Dried flower heads from the garden like a hydrangea make great accents, as do pinecones and ribbons. Tender evergreens like cedar can spill over the edges of the pot, while a blend of pine, fir, arborvitae, spruce, and juniper make beautiful fillers.     




Decorating with Holiday Houseplants  

While evergreens are the mainstay of holiday decor, houseplants can also add comfort and joy to your home.
The red, green, and white leaves of poinsettias are the classic houseplant for Christmas. They can boost your living decor well into the new year as well. The Christmas cactus is another holiday favorite. These succulents bloom with a profusion of colorful flowers at the end of December. The variegated purple, orange, and green leaves of a croton make colorful holiday greenery too, as do the bright red leaves of a laceleaf. While these houseplants aren’t typically associated with Christmas, they can easily bring some joy to your home-world. 

With all the time we’re spending at home this year, redecorating for the holidays is an exciting prospect—and there is no better way to revive your home than by adding fresh, living greenery. Visit our garden center in Moline to see what we have in store. Evergreen wreaths, garlands, and hanging bundles can bring any room back to life. And with red, green and white houseplants, your decor will be renewed well into the new year!


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