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When you think about evenings spent sitting around the fire, enjoying good drinks, great food, and even better company, you probably think of a warm summer night. But memories like these don’t have to be exclusive to summer. With an outdoor fireplace that’s equipped to handle the snow just as much as the sun, every season is campfire season in
the Quad Cities Metropolitan Area!


Fire Pit or Fireplace?

There are two styles of outdoor fire features to choose from: a classic fire pit, or a charming fireplace. Let’s go over both options to help you decide which style suits your outdoor living space best.



A fire pit allows people to sit around the entire feature, giving everyone equal access to roast their hot dogs and marshmallows. Think of your typical campfire, surrounded by lawn chairs filled with your family and friends. Pits tend to be less expensive, but they can be as simple or elegant as you want them to be, depending on the design and material. They’re also more exposed to the wind, which makes them a little more challenging to include in covered or enclosed outdoor spaces. They contribute to a more outdoorsy feel and are great for entertaining guests.

A fireplace, on the other hand, is similar to what you might have inside your home. The flame burns above ground, in a semi-enclosed structure, usually with a chimney attached, creating an inviting focal point in your outdoor living area. Because fireplaces are equipped with a chimney, they’re useful for semi-covered areas, making them a cozy, comfortable choice for the winter. Fireplaces start at a higher price point, but they contribute to a classier, more modern aesthetic.


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Fire Pits for Winter

When you choose what style you want to include in your landscape design, you’ll also have to decide on what you want to burn—wood or natural gas. If you’re not sure which is best for you and your family, we can help you weigh the pros and cons of each.

Wood Fire Pit

Wood fire pits are your typical, log-burning features. They’re the ultimate choice for a cozy, outdoorsy feel, as long as you don’t mind the smoke and embers. Although chopping logs and stray embers pose some danger, the installation and use of this type are both pretty safe. Installation is easier and it’s also less expensive to fuel than the natural gas alternative, provided you have a source of wood. 

Natural Gas Fire Pit

Natural gas fireplaces are more expensive to buy and install, but that’s because they need to be set up by professionals for safety reasons. Once you get the installation out of the way, they’re much easier to use. You can simply flick a switch to turn on the flame, so you don’t have to split wood or add fuel. The most significant benefit of going with natural gas is that it’s essentially a smokeless fire pit. They burn much cleaner than wood, leaving behind very little odor and fewer floating embers. This option is perfect for people who have asthma or those who don’t want their hair and clothing to smell like a campfire.


Fire Pits and Landscape Design

When you work with our experienced designers at
Meyer Landscape & Design, you’re sure to end up with a feature designed specifically for your outdoor space and personal taste. We work with a variety of different materials, such as brick, manufactured stone, and natural stone fire pits, so there are plenty of options to choose from. You can also opt for an open flame, which is great for roasting marshmallows but is more vulnerable to the elements, or an enclosed fire pit, which might be a safer option if you have little kids in your family. 

The placement of your new fire feature is another design aspect to consider. For easy winter access, you might want to consider a deck fire pit, where the feature is installed right on your patio! If you want to build a separate outdoor living space in your landscape design, you might decide to develop an area of your yard further away from your house. The fireplace can provide a focal point for this new area that you can build around over time.

If you live in the Quad Cities Metropolitan Area and you’re in the market for a fireplace fit for all seasons, get in touch with our design team. We’ll have you socializing in comfort and style in no time!


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