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Fall is the ideal time to plan for next spring. The summer is fresh in your mind, you can see your whole landscape without leaves or snow, and you have all the time in the world to think about what you want and consult with landscape professionals. Those are just a few of many reasons to start planning next year’s landscape projects now!



More Time

Why wait until the busy spring season? Planning in the fall leaves you unlimited time to browse photos, discover the projects you want, talk to family members, and consult with professionals. There’s also still plenty of time this year to install most projects—our team is hard at work through November, so you still have the option to prepare for next year now. Or, you can get your plans in place now and prepare to launch into a project as early into the new year as possible. When spring comes, you can get your outdoor projects underway, rather than spending a valuable chunk of the season planning and preparing. Fall gives you the ultimate window to prepare for next year at a relaxed pace.


Easily Identify Problems

With flowers and leaves out of the way, landscapers can easily evaluate the health of a tree, locate any existing drainage issues, identify damage along retaining walls or the foundation of your house, and assess your overall landscape. Before the snow falls, you can plainly see your soil, mulch, yard, and hardscapes. You’ll benefit from this fuller view when formulating a plan for next year.  



More Selection of Plants  

By planning and ordering ahead, you can almost guarantee that you’ll get all the specific plants, trees, and shrubs that you want. If you wait until spring, a garden center may sell out or not be growing the species you need. Determining your needs in the fall lets you reserve your first choice from the full range of possibilities.



Earlier Job Completion

Spring is the busiest time for landscaping companies. If you wait until then to book, your projects may be scheduled for later in the season or even into summer. If you consult and plan ahead, you can have all of your permits approved, and the work completed early on. That means you could enjoy all of the year’s nice weather, or at least the full summer, in your renewed outdoor space. Plus, it will give your plants the full season to settle in, letting them produce flowers or a tasty harvest without interruption. 


Keep the energy of spring in mind, but take advantage of autumn’s natural serenity to envision an inspiring yet practical landscape.


More Flexibility in Scheduling Work

Maybe early job completion is not your priority. No worries! The advantage of planning ahead is that you can schedule the landscape work for the time that works best for you. With everything laid out in advance, you’ll know what to expect and can enjoy the outdoors stress-free. 



The Summer is Still Fresh in Your Mind

With the summer fresh in your mind, you can easily envision the projects that you want to create. You know what went well in your garden, and what didn’t. You’ve eyed some enviable properties around your neighborhood. The spring is not that far away, so you still remember the incredible smells and colors. There’s no sense to wait until winter when those memories start to fade. Keep the energy of spring in mind, but take advantage of autumn’s natural serenity to envision an inspiring yet practical landscape. 


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If you plan ahead, you’ll have your first-choice picks for your desired plants, more time for scheduling the work, and the whole season to enjoy your new project. Whether you wish to fix a drainage issue, install a water feature, or redo your landscape in a completely new style, feel free to consult with our landscaping design team in the Quad Cities as soon as possible. The fall is a golden opportunity to get started on next year’s projects! 


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