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Last year was a busy one for our team here at Meyer Landscape & Design. While our garden center staff were busy sending customers home with stunning plants from our nursery, our landscape design team was working to enhance and beautify properties around the Quad Cities metro area. The 2019 season included a variety of commercial and residential projects, and we’d love to share them with you! Here are some of our favorites from the year:


Commercial Projects

We’re always excited to consult with businesses in Quad Cities! This year, we created new entry designs and installations for many businesses, providing customized up-to-date design and functionality for each outdoor space. Our Commercial work included outdoor patios for  several local churches, and a landscape and irrigation installation for a new hotel and grocery store in Davenport. We were fortunate enough to assist with the beautification of the downtown business areas of both Moline and Davenport. We take great pride in seeing our completed projects and the impact they have on each business or service center.


Downtown Davenport Beautification

We helped beautify the summer scene in downtown Davenport this year by installing hundreds of lovely hanging annual flower baskets on city light posts. We also designed and planted several landscape beds with colorful annual flowers to brighten the downtown area.


Memorial Patio at a Local Church

One of our favorite projects this season was the memorial patio and planter boxes we completed at a local church in Rapid City, IL. What made this memorial project so special is that church members were able to purchase individual pavers to engrave and set into the patio.


Entryway at a Local Monastery

We also had the pleasure of updating the entryway at a local monastery in Milan, IL. Residents and visitors are now welcomed by an inviting and functional walkway of pavers. 


Business Office Patio in Davenport

We installed a brand new, modern patio with seating areas outside a business office in Davenport. Employees are now able to enjoy fresh air and sunshine during their lunch breaks. A unique, modern fire feature was also installed to add to the relaxing ambiance. 

Office Building Entryway in Davenport

We also facilitated the design and construction of a brand new retaining wall and entryway into a Office Building in Davenport. This new, attractive design also added functionality to the building. 


Residential Projects

One of our mottos here at Meyer is that no project is ever too large or too small, and that was certainly the case during our 2019 season! Our residential projects ranged from simple, one-day jobs, such as spring yard clean-ups, to large projects that took several months to complete, like designing and installing an elegant outdoor living area. We were sure to consider the unique personality and lifestyle of each customer, carefully tailoring the project to reflect them—and of course, their budget! 


Front-Yard Landscaping

We planted a variety of trees and shrubs to this front yard, creating many different viewing areas within the landscape. The additional color and texture, in addition to the brick edging and accent wall, definitely added value to this home.


Retaining Wall Design

This residential project involved transforming an old, decayed railroad tie wall into this large, unique retaining wall. This strong structure is sturdy enough to enclose the hillside and also gives the landscape a more up-to-date look. 


Patio Design in Rock Island

A great example of how great landscape design can improve both beauty and functionality, we used a combination of walks, steps, and patios to extend the home’s living space into an area of the backyard that was difficult to use for outdoor activities at first. We used a variety of plant texture and color to naturalize and soften the landscape. We also installed a fire pit area, nestled into the wooded area of the property. This backyard is now the perfect destination for entertaining family and friends! 


Patio, Border and Wall Design in Davenport

This extended patio made the outdoor living area of this home much more enjoyable. The patio is emphasized by a small retaining wall and accented with an attractive black border edging. 


Outdoor Lighting Design

This outdoor lighting design includes an exterior LED path, perimeter lighting, and tree and accent lighting, giving this lakeside home a stunning moonlight effect. By extending landscape viewing into the night with improved illumination, the property is more enjoyable, welcoming, and safer in the evenings.


New Entryway and Water Feature in Sterling, IL

We gave this home’s entrance a total transformation with a brand new, expansive walkway accented with a contrasting brick border and enhanced with ornamental plants. Adjacent to the entryway, near the enclosed sun porch, we installed a new water feature, which provides a sense of tranquility for both the homeowners and the neighborhood birds. This entryway was designed to give the home a more inviting appearance, and we’re confident that goal was achieved!


Riverfront Home

With a view of the magnificent Mississippi River, you can tell these homeowners like to spend time outside. With that in mind, we designed and installed stairs leading from the enclosed porch to the outdoor patio, effectively extending this home’s living space. We’re happy with the color scheme we picked here, which compliments the beauty of the siding, patio, and stairs.


Bettendorf Backyard Transformation

This large residential project wrapped up late in the fall, so we haven’t got the completed pictures to do it justice quite yet. In the meantime, take a look at the in-progress pictures! We used new, innovative hardscape products to create a multi-level patio, including stairs and retaining walls. We went with a very modern aesthetic to compliment the homeowner’s personality and to accentuate the home’s architecture. This outdoor structure includes a fire pit and also leads to the large backyard pool, making it the ultimate outdoor living space to entertain.


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With our professional, innovative services and high-quality products, we were able to make so many customers happy this year. Our team of landscape designers, hard-working crew members, garden center professionals, and dedicated support team members have helped make 2019 one of our best years yet! If any of these projects piqued your interest, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re looking forward to the 2020 season, and we’re eager to help our valued customers bring their outdoor spaces into the new decade!




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