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Garden Center

Do you know what a Acer rubrum is? We do at Meyer Landscape & Design. It’s a Red Sunset Maple. Ask us anything regarding trees, shrubs, perennials, flowers, grasses, fertilizers, insects and pesticides and we’ll provide you with an answer and a solution.

Our sales team has more than 100 years of combined horticulture experience. You may ask how do they know so much? That’s simple. They are dedicated and passionate plant people that spend their entire day caring for every plant in our Garden Centers.

Besides our ongoing plant care we strive to create a park- like atmosphere in our Garden Centers allowing you to enjoy your experience. Each day plants are shifted and moved so each time you stroll our grounds something new will inspire you. If you cannot find the plant, you’re looking for just ask one of our sales staff for help. Chances are we have one tucked somewhere in the Garden Center.

Take advantage of our high quality design and horticulture staff here at Meyer. Get great landscape and design tips straight to your inbox.

Our business hours are:

Winter hours effective 12/2
Office: Tuesday - Thursday 9am - 4pm

Cottage: Tuesday - Thursday 9am - 4pm

Closed December 20th - January 6th


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