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Planning and implementing a landscaping project all on your own takes hard work and commitment. Often, the trial and error involved leads to spending more money than anticipated. This frustration often concludes with half-finished projects that hang over your head every time you look out the window. Here at Meyer’s, we can help you achieve your landscape goals stress-free and on-budget! With the help of our professional, innovative landscape designers, you’ll be lounging around in your backyard paradise in no time!


Planning Your Dream Garden

Before jumping into design changes, it’s important to consider all aspects of your dream landscape. Making changes to your landscape is no small feat. The best way to make sure it goes smoothly is to make a scaled plan beforehand. Here are some things you should ask yourself before starting the process:

What overall aesthetic are you trying to achieve? The overall feel that you’re striving for will influence your landscape design. Do you want your landscape to be an exciting place, where onlookers can’t help but stop and stare? If so, bright colors, stone walls, and outstanding flowers might be for you. Would you rather have a relaxing backyard oasis to sit back and relax in? This calls for cozy patio with furniture, a fire pit, and plants that help create a sense of harmony and privacy.

What do you want the ground to look like? You can always keep it simple with classic, black garden soil, but there are many other options for you to play around with. Shredded bark and wood mulches lighten up the landscape and add an earthy texture, rock can create different contrast of texture and color. Stones can also be used to add more elegant color, texture, and contrast.

What kinds of plants do you want to include? Are you looking for bright and beautiful annuals to dazzle your property? Or are you more interested in the reliability of perennials? Do you have any specific color schemes in mind? These considerations will help bring your vision to life. Your Meyer designer will help you narrow down your choices of plants with colors and textures to compliment each other well.

What about hardscaping? An overall aesthetic isn’t achieved through soil and plant choice alone. Hardscapes, like brick patios, seat walls, decks, patio furniture, walkways, fountains, fire pits, water features and other elements are valuable pieces that make your backyard so much more inviting, while creating a beautiful and useable outdoor living space.


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Working With a Landscape Designer

When it comes to making all of these changes, no one can plan and execute your dream landscape like a professional Meyer landscape designer. When all you can see is a boring backyard, they see opportunities to turn the space into your personalized paradise. Unfortunately, many people are clouded by the cost of hiring a designer, making them hesitant to do so. But just like all the money you forked out for your kid’s education, a landscape designer is an excellent investment that will save you time and money in the long run at an affordable price.

Sure, you can pick out plants on your own, but landscape designers are the experts in both design and installation. They have years of experience under their belt and they know what works and what doesn’t. Not only can they help you pick out the perfect combination of plants, but they also help with hardscapes, lighting, irrigation, and many other aspects of your property. They take the guesswork out of landscaping, which saves you the time and cost of constant trial and error. A Meyer scaled design eliminates the hodgepodge of plants creating flow and balance. Here at Meyer’s, our landscape designers are experts in design principles and will work with you to make your vision come to life.


Designing with Your Landscaper

If you choose to go ahead and let us make your dream garden come true, we’ll get started right away with the process. Remember, no project is ever too big or too small for us to take on!

First, we’ll conduct an on-site consultation to help us understand what you have envisioned for your landscape, so we can make design plans that are fully personalized to your property. During the consultation we’ll discuss the logistics of the project, such as budgets and timelines, to help us create a suitable plan that meets your needs within any constraints.
Working together, we combine your ideas with our knowledge to create a detailed plan and scaled design for your new and improved landscape! Using our Pro Landscape software, we can create a three-dimensional view of your property to help you visualize the changes. Don’t be afraid to speak up and make suggestions – this is the best time to make any adjustments before moving on to installation!


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Next, we make it happen. One of our professional landscape crews are always available to implement your new landscape design and make your vision become a reality. If you’re up for the challenge and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, your landscape designer can also guide you through our detailed plans as you do it yourself. Remember, we also provide other services, such as licensed chemical applicators and commercial mowing services to help keep your new garden in top shape!

Enhancing your landscape is an investment. Not only does it create a more enjoyable and welcoming space for you and your family, but it also adds value to your property. For anyone who might be interested in resale, your landscape is the first thing potential buyers will see. If you want to make a good first impression and add value to your property, investing in your landscape is one of the best things you can do!


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