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Emerald Ash Borer photo

Emerald Ash Borer

Ash trees are beautiful deciduous trees with a strong native presence throughout Illinois. These towering giants reach incredible heights, so it’s no surprise that they continue to mature for decades before they’re fully grown. That’s part of what makes the...
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Creeping Charlie photo

Creeping Charlie

The warmth of spring makes many pleasant changes to our landscapes. Our grass starts to get greener, spring bulbs start to bloom, and life is returned to our gardens. Most new growth during the spring brings us joy and excitement for the warmer months ahead. But...
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Gardening for Beginners photo

Gardening for Beginners

The most important part of growing healthy plants is understanding their basic needs. Light, moisture, and nutrients are the essentials. Without them, plants simply won’t grow! The tricky part is that there are hundreds of thousands of plants, all with different...
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Landscape Design photo

Landscape Design

Planning and implementing a landscaping project all on your own takes hard work and commitment. Often, the trial and error involved leads to spending more money than anticipated. This frustration often concludes with half-finished projects that hang over your head...
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Spring Garden Clean Up photo

Spring Garden Clean Up

As much as we look forward to feeling the warm weather and watching green buds appear on tree branches, the process of cleaning up our gardens in the spring can be daunting. When the snow melts away and reveals the mess beneath, we might impulsively dread the labor...
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