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Trees are almost always part of a landscaping plan for new housing developments or a single yard makeover. Sure, they look nice, but why should you plant a tree in your yard?

Well, the truth is that trees are important for much more than just looking good. Trees actually do many important jobs and are critical to our existence. Here are 11 benefits of trees, all of which are great reasons to plant a tree in your yard.

Urban forests with a diverse mix of different types of trees also have higher biodiversity in plants, trees, animals, and insects.

  1. Trees sequester carbon. Healthy and thriving forests store up to 14% of annual national carbon emissions. Whether they’re in the wilderness or the city, forests are an essential carbon sink for the world. 
  2. Trees help keep our air clean. Trees, and other plants, absorb carbon dioxide and air pollutants during photosynthesis and produce oxygen. Urban trees in the US absorb 822,000 metric tons of pollutants every year.meyer-landscape-plant-a-tree-person-in-gloves-planting-tree
  3. Trees in our yards and neighborhoods are a vital part of maintaining and improving biodiversity. Urban forests with a diverse mix of different types of trees also have higher biodiversity in plants, trees, animals, and insects. A biodiverse ecosystem is more resilient against diseases and pest infestations.
  4. The root systems of trees are a critical part of preventing erosion. Their massive root systems help to hold soil in place, helping protect water sources from being muddied.meyer-landscape-plant-a-tree-flowering-sapling-in-hole
  5. Trees also help our water systems by filtering pollutants out of the water and slowing down stormwater runoff. They help prevent flooding from their leaves to their roots. The leaves intercept water, slowing the rate that it hits the ground and the speed it flows into local water catchments, reducing the risk of a river or creek bursting its banks. The roots of larger trees often create little pockets where water will collect and soak into the ground. This also helps limit the amount of water flowing into rivers. 
  6. Trees planted strategically to create shade in summer or as a windbreak can impact your home heating and cooling costs. They can also help mitigate the urban heat island effect, where all the concrete and pavement in cities soak up heat and raise the temperatures. Trees that shade the street help to lower ambient temperatures.
  7. Trees can also have a direct positive effect on property values. They are desirable, beautiful, and have all the other benefits we’ve listed, so properties with trees have a higher value in the real estate market.meyer-landscape-plant-a-tree-big-trees-in-illinois-iowa-neighborhood
  8. Trees help reduce the amount of urban noise pollution we experience. They’re an excellent buffer between us and urban noise to give us more peace and quiet.
  9. Trees help reduce the amount of damage from storms. As a windbreak, they help to cut the power of strong winds.
  10. Trees in urban areas have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, lower crime rates, and speed up healing for sick people.
  11. Finally, planting trees and improving our local environment with all the benefits above is an investment in future generations’ wellness. 


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Are you ready to invest in the future and enjoy the benefits of trees? Come to the garden center for a visit and explore our collection of trees that you could add to your yard. 





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