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We had the opportunity to work on some fantastic landscaping projects in 2020. Here are three of the Meyer Landscaping team’s highlights from the 2020 season. 




Highlighting a Beautiful New Deck & Sidewalk

Location: Milan, IL

Our client had just installed an awesome new deck, and they wanted to add some beautiful landscaping to elevate the style of the whole yard. We went for low-maintenance perennial beauty to raise the curb appeal. We selected hardy, easy-care flowering perennials for eye-catching color throughout the summer. We also selected a few classic low-maintenance evergreen shrubs for texture, size, and color. 

Under the planting, we used a mix of low-maintenance river rock in various sizes to emphasize the bright white deck cladding and the colors of the planting. We accented the river rock with cobblestone to add a little more visual variation to the rock and tie it into the existing retaining wall’s color scheme. 

We can’t wait to see this installation next summer when the perennials are well established and in full bloom. 

The approximate cost of this project was $2,800. 




Turning Overgrown Landscaping into Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Location: Moline, IL

Our client’s front yard landscaping had become overgrown and high maintenance over time. The planting was crowded and cluttered, and plants had originally been used that weren’t suitable for the size of the space. We created a new design with the client that eliminated the cluttered appearance and simplified the layout. We kept some of the shrubs from the previous planting that were still in good shape and weren’t crowded and worked them into the new design. 

We chose plants and shrubs that suit the scale of the area and won’t outgrow the space when they reach their mature size. We also made sure to install each plant with enough room around it to account for its mature size. 

Under the new planting scheme, we installed low-maintenance river rock, with some well placed attractive larger pieces of decorative stone. 

We can’t wait to see this installation in a few years when the new plants have established themselves and filled out to mature size. It’s going to be a classically beautiful yard that complements the style of the home.

The approximate cost of this project was $9,000.




From Challenging Slopes to Clean & Complementary Retaining Walls

Location: LeClaire, IA

Our client built their new home with a walkout basement to take advantage of a beautiful view. The backyard had some challenging slopes that needed to be dealt with so they could take advantage of the large outdoor living space they had planned. Retaining walls were the solution, and we used a modular concrete block system to tackle the challenging slopes and prevent erosion and drainage issues. 

The modular concrete block system we used is available in a variety of colors and finishes, so we were able to match the colors to complement the style of this beautiful home. The outdoor living space and landscaping are now finished, and our client has plenty of gorgeous deck and patio space to enjoy their views. 

The approximate cost of this project was $40,000.  


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